Oldtime Radio

June 23rd, 2020    

#110 Fibber McGee and Molly: McGee Consults a Lawyer - 04/13/1954 Starring Jim and Marian Jordan

June 2nd, 2020    

#109 The Lux Radio Theatre: Pinocchio - 12/25/1939 Starring Walter Catlett, Dickie Jones, Cliff Edwards, Evelyn Venable

October 1st, 2019    

#108 The Pepsodent Show: Starring Bob Hope - 05/29/1945 Guest Herbert Marshall with a special apperance by Bing Crosby

August 28th, 2019    

#107 The Pepsodent Show: Starring Bob Hope - 02/27/1945 Guest Frank Sinatra

July 31st, 2019    

#106 Screen Directors’ Playhouse: IVY - 01/11/1951 Starring Joan Fontaine, Charles Drake, Gerald Mohr

June 30th, 2019    

#105 Screen Directors’ Playhouse: When My Baby Smiles at Me Starring Betty Grable, Herb Vigran, Barton Yarborough - 05/05/1950

in this adaptation of the 1948 film. Director Fred Hegland introduces this jaunty romance set in the rough-and-tumble world of burlesque.

May 29th, 2019    

#104 The Adventures of Superman: The Mystery of the Walking Dead - 10/29/1949 Starring Bud Collyer, Joan Alexander

April 30th, 2019    

#103 The Adventures of Superman: The Case of Double Trouble - 03/09/1949 Starring Bud Collyer, Joan Alexander, Jackie Kelk

March 1st, 2019    

#102 The Molle’ Mystery Theatre: Female of the Species - 06/07/1946 Starring: Lizabeth Scott

January 29th, 2019    

#101 The Molle Mystery Theater: Goodbye Darling - 05/24/1946 Starring: Elspeth Eric, Ed Begley, Everett Sloane

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